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Forbes Accounting Group

Let us manage your books, so you can enjoy building your business


About Shelia Forbes

Being a single mom raising my two children gave me a desire to want more for my family.  Since math was my favorite subject in school,  I knew I could be a great Accountant.  I enrolled in Jacksonville State University and obtained a Bachelors degree in Accounting at the age of 35.  I was able to put both of my children through college while working my way up in corporate America.  Determination and persistence are my superpowers and I will bring that same energy to making sure you have audit proof books and making a profit.



We offer timely, efficient, audit proof bookkeeping services for small to medium size businesses.

We offer the following services:

  • Setup and/or modify chart of accounts

  • Categorize bank feeds

  • Monthly Account Reconciliation

  • Provide monthly reporting

  • Monthly review of A/R and AP Accounts

  • Pay monthly bills

  • Send invoices to clients

Payroll Processing

Payroll can be the most time consuming part of your business.  We can take on this process and allow you to get back to doing what you love.

We offer the following services:


  • Onboarding employees/contractors

  • Payroll processing weekly/biweekly

  • Depositing and filing federal, state and local payroll taxes

  • Prepare Year End forms: W-3, W-2 and 1099-NEC

Tax Preparation

We will prepare and file your annual tax return and back file any missed years.  We help you understand which deductions you qualify for and make sure you get the highest refund allowed.

We offer the following services:


  • Individual and Business Tax Preparation

  • List of reasonable expenses you can take to lower your taxable income

  • Tax guidance for the following year

Bankruptcy Petition Preparation

No one chooses to be in debt, but things can happen in your life and you can find yourself looking at a mountain of debt and need a way out.  If this is you, here is what we can do to help.

We offer the following:


  • We will accurately prepare your Bankruptcy Petition documents for you to take to the courthouse to file.

  • We will assist you through the entire process and will guide through any questions you may have along the way.


Let's work together!

People call me the numbers doctor...

Is your business hemorrhaging money and you don't know why it is unhealthy and not making profit?  Let us diagnose the problem and give you a real solution to get your business healthy and profitable.

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